Friday, 19 May 2017

War Poetry

We are learning about War and Conflict. This is a very interesting topic where we are able to form our own opinions, learn about different perspectives, and learn about world history. Below is a sample of some of our writing from week 3. We watch a video about WW1 and have written a response to this as poetry. We wrote about war in general, and could write as an observer, from the perspective of a soldier, a nurse, family left behind...


Down in the Dirt

By James

They said it would be helping, saving the lives of others while being protected at the back...But they were wrong...

Bullets whizzing through the air, one skimmed through my hair
Clambering snipers scattered the hills, with patients oh so very ill
Bomb’s crashing across the coast, while soldiers were manning every post
Soldiers lying face down in the dirt, while living soldiers were on high alert
Soldiers running as fast as they could, this whole war is a bit misunderstood
The medical team saving lives, dying soldiers trying to write to their wives
Tanks crawling across the sand, it’s like there's a big game of chess at hand
Living soldiers coming and going, young soldiers with their hearts glowing
Everyone frantically digging trenches, troubled soldiers drawing sketches
The war is finishing, all soldiers are grinning...
It’s all over boys! It’s all over!

A Letter From My Heart

by Grace

War is like a game of chess.People taking over others and attempting to keep their territories.
As I stand in my trench, I hear grenades landing in the window of my mind.
Our men frozen with the realization that it’s not the great adventure thought before.
“Climb those ladders-invade Germany’s territories, and do it now!”
Adrenaline surging through my body.  This is just the start.
We can’t lose without putting up a fight.

The air is so humid, but the sky is so grey.  Beads of sweat fall from my face and neck and trickle down my back.
I turn around to face my troop but it’s not what I expected-my mind must have blocked their voices out.  They lie on the ground spluttering and covering their mouths.  I smell something faint but I know it’s getting stronger.  I must abandon the fellowship around me.  A mustard gas attack is running towards us.
I advance up the ladders but the gas is on my tail.  I can’t get rid of it.  I trip and lose my footing.  I lose ground but I need to get back up.
It mustn't take me, not now.  I’m too young.

I can hear my allies coming on to help.  
I take my last breath and yell out.
“Noooooo, don’t come near.
You must fight on without me.”

Then all light and life fades away.
I have been captured, taken fortress, the life drained out of me.
This isn’t how I wanted this to end.  I put up a fight with all my heart, I wanted to return to my nation. Be a hero to my nation.

The Still Fog

Low fog cruises
Grey clouds sway
Loud bangs and crashes
As lives slowly fade away

Many take cover
Covering their heads
As many lay frozen
Face down in the sand beds

But still the brave men
Stay hopeful and strong
While the rest of the soldiers
Didn't last for long

All of the soldiers
Still fighting for their lives
Hungry and tired
Hoping not one more dies

Suddenly it turns silent
As if all the gunshots ended
This experience truly didn't go
Quite as intended.                                  C.J.W

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Welcome back! Roll on term 2...

This week we are learning about personification. This is a figurative language technique we can use to up-level our writing. Check out a sample of what some of us came up with today! We are still learning, so some of them are not quite there and others of us have got it...

  • The lightening ran across the clouds - Grace
  • The storm raged over the country - Bailey
  • The trees smiled brightly as the sun touched the leaves - Sarah
  • The snow clung to the earth eating all warmth with it - Lucy M
  • Blue river water drove down the river bed - Jaike
  • The snow danced on the tree tops - Lucy C
  • The trees shivered as the snow fell silently on them - Gen and Bailey
  • The skin of the earth wrinkled as the sun ravaged the scorched landscape - Horatio
  • The trunks of the earth dove into the ground - Lucia
  • The desert broke its bones as the sun shone down - Grace
  • Slowly, the sun crawled over the top of the mountain - Bee
  • The fog lightly wiped its hands on the mountain tops - Sarah
  • The light seeped through the wall of trees, reaching towards the meadow - Brynn
Later in the week we will post our poetry!

Keep posted...

Thursday, 30 March 2017

"Dust" By 'Save the Children' - collaborative book

About the Book: Dust - Save the Children

A beautifully illustrated book that sensitively looks at the themes of peace and social justice In a perfect world, this book would not exist. But we do not live in a perfect world. At any given moment of any given day, there are people dying from natural disasters over which we have no control. Beyond natural disasters we add disasters of our making, but even if we all learn to live in peace, there will still be millions of people who need help. the illustrators who have contributed to this startling book have all done so for free. 

These are our responses reading this book, to the themes and key messages. Some of us wrote paragraphs, some wrote poems. 


Children on the street-hands out pleading.
1st world countries, so greed ‘ing’
Skipping around, no care in the air.
So ungrateful when I’m in despair.

No realisation what so ever.
There are children like me around, haven’t lived-never.
Throwing away what they have to eat.
There is vultures preying for my meat.

Too weak to move.
Haven’t got the strength without some food.
Dead, seventy years to young.
Never fallen in love.
No chance-none.

The world has shut its eyes.
Lots of countries, no time for goodbyes.
No one really understands.
My ribs, so bendy, like rubber bands.

We spend our money to stay in an empty house.
Offering hospitality to those, how about.
The night so cold.
We are practically invisible.
Wrapped in sticks,my only warmth.
The only thing around me, my friend, a beetle.

My mother slowly dying.
I’m too weak to start crying.
People need to realise, to look with their eyes.
It’s like we’re not there, a tree in disguise.

“Dust” Key Messages and Themes

One of the key messages in dust is the line “I died last night” which explains that millions, maybe even more children are dying daily, of things that they shouldn't be dying for. Kids are getting slaughtered and sold just for the sake of it. Which I think is very wrong. All children should have a roof over their heads, food in their belly, and someone to love and care for them. But it’s sad to say that not many people have that luxury. In the book Dust it explains how this child died “seventy years to young” which shows he had no chance to fall in love to learn that “2 and 3 make five”. He didn’t even have the chance to have a name.



What have these countries become?
Food is for only some.
Heavy hunger looms,
Around those marooned.
No education,
Just isolation.
Children die,
Barely five, but why?
Emotional pain gathers in mother’s hearts.
Almost the end, scarcely started.
There are people, just like you and me,
But most of them can’t even be.

One of the key messages in Dust is starvation. Many millions of children are dying because they either don’t have the money for food, or live in a slum. This is very sad because we live in a country where we open up a pantry and food is overflowing. But the people the these third world countries have to sometimes walk miles to get a sip of water, or slice of apple, and that’s only if they’re lucky. So many children are dying before their fifth birthday, so the quote “I died seventy years to young” says in the book Dust. We need to help these people. There is so many articles of what is happening in these countries, and so many people know about it, yet do nothing. We have food, water, healthcare and a roof over our heads, but these people don’t, and are dying because of that.

“Dust” Save the children
Poem Response - Sarah
     One birth, one life, one death, Something we all get
Only some lives are at threat
Alone in the night, hands open wide
Hope is gone
“The walk’s too long”
Under the blazing sun
Drifting away                         
Wishing to live just one more day
But there's something we can't do
We need you.
Please help us
Before we are nothing but dust.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Alliteration Short Stories...

Alliteration Short Stories

Check out our Alliteration Stories! The goal was to write a short story, using repetitive initial letter sounds (alliteration). The idea was to choose words cleverly, to write a short story, rather than a long one. This is a sample so far...keep an eye out as more are yet to come!


Shivering in the cold, snow sinking in around me. Shaking without a sweater I sight someone and she sniggers and starts sauntering over to me. Snuggly and warm in a Stylish coat the girl strides up. Scolding at me she sassily says “ What you staring at” Shallowly she scoops snow on her shoe and shakes her foot over me. Satisfiedly she Sophisticatedly steams off. Skinny and starving I shake like a dog trying to get off the silky snow. Sweetly she acts around her father as she stylishly steps into a suzuki sport. Slinking off to sleep on a shop seat. Sunday comes and goes with but still loads of snow. Sick without medicine dying on the seat. Night comes and I slink into a deep deep sleep into a better place with my parents…

By Genevieve

Sister Sally’s Scarlet Shorts

Startled, Sophia stumbled superstitiously through swarms of stunned honey bees, scared of the stirring stormclouds sulking rain above her. She shivered with shame as she was shocked about her sudden sulks that stupidly sprang out of her mouth. Sophia was scared of storms. Sudden strikes of lightning stunningly sparkle in the night’s sinister darkness. Struggling to see, Sophia screamed and selfishly spooked the sleeping neighbours surrounding her. Soon, Sister Sally strode through the stalks of soft grass saying sarcasticallySophia, storms are so scary. I’m so scared!” And then sulked sillily like Sophia. “Sister Sally, stop your sarcasticness and sulking!” Sophia stomped off, while Sister Sally sniggered. Suddenly, Sophia stopped and saw Sister Sally’s stainless scarlet shorts. She’ll soon be sorry, Sophia thought. Sophia stared up at the sky, scared of what should happen soon. Struggling through the soft grass for a moment, Sophia scurried so speedily to her shack seeking shelter. Soon she was snuggled in bed, waves of sleepiness slid over her, as she slipped into sleep.
   Soon starlings sang sweetly, signalling morning had risen. Sophia stared out the skylight, seeing layers of smog smothering the atmosphere. Suddenly, Sophia heard Sister Sally scream super loudly. “Sophia, what have you done?” Sophia stalked down the stairs and sniggered at what she saw.
 “Sister Sally, why did you dye your scarlet shorts in silver?” Sophia pretended to be shocked. Sister Sally had searing lasers coming out of her eyes.
   “Sorry, Sister Sally, you were being sarcastic and sulking yesterday, I was angry at you.” Sophia confessed. Sister Sally suddenly turned serious, sympathy lighting her eyes. “I’m so sorry I was sarcastic and sulking. Sophia I’m scared of spiders and you’re scared of storms, so what? Everyone has a phobia of something.” After that they were satisfied with each other and supportive with their fears, and Sister Sally was never a silly sister again.

By Carina

Jaike the Jovial Giant

Jaike the Jovial Giant came to a jumbo party, on Jellylike Cloud. On this jellylike cloud were jaunty, but, jocund cloud men/women. These jaunty cloud people dressed all jazzy, but some jinxed people, who dressed jaded were very jealous of these jocund people. It was up to Jaike the Jovial Giant to jump into their jaded hearts, and stop the judgemental jinx from taking over. Jaike went over to the jazzy bunch all jittery and said “this jagged jinx has to stop”. So the jumbo giant kindly made an army of jellylike clouds, and defeated the jinx to make everyone jocose again.

By Jaike